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CNC Plasma cutting machine

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Product description


This equipment is a kind of computer control, precision mechanical transmission, and plasma arc cutting technology combined with high efficiency, high precision, high reliability of hot cutting equipment, mainly used for cutting arbitrary planar geometry


Technical Parameters:

Track gauge 3000-12000mm
Track length Configuration
Drive mode Bi-side driving
Number of plasma-gun cutting torch 1-2 groups (including initial positioning and anticollision device)
Control system Beijing START // Spain FAGOR8035/America MicroEDGE
Plasma power supply Changzhou Ailan/MicroEDGE/FAGOR/Kjellberg
Arc voltage adjusting MicroEDGE/Szontime
Cutting speed 100-10000mm/min
Highest speed 12000/24000mm/min
Cutting air Compressed air/oxygen/nitrogen/H35
Mode of plasma cutting dedusting Dry type ventilation dedusting/semi-wet type dedusting
Matching Jacking software/spraying lineation


Product Details:


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