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Desktop CNC cutting machine

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1.Integrating CNC technology, mechanical running and thermal cutting technology, QG III desktop CNC cutting machine is an effective, precise and reliable cutting equipment, excellent man-machine interface makes operation easy and complicated cutting of different shapes cutting possible. it is specially suitable for automatic cutting of non-ferrous metal plate, stainless steel plate and carbon steel plate. Besides, it is wholly modular-designed which is characterized of easy installation and convenient moving.

2.China top brand or imported linear guide rails for transmission, precise and stable; custom-made driving rack and gear with surface carburized and quenched from professional manufacturers, solid and precise,German NEUGART or Japan planetary reducer for transmission which is characterized of bigger torque, low gap and free maintenance

3.Japan Panasonic servo system can detect location and enjoys high precision, wide speed range and short acceleration time.

4.Optional dust proof work table or smoke removing device for a clean working environment.

5.Optional plasma power sources for different materials cutting.


Technical Parameters:

Model No. 1540 1830 1840
Cutting width (mm) 1500 1800 1800
Cutting length (mm) 4000 3000 4000
CNC system Micro Edge pro,or famous domestic brands according to customer’s requirements 
Cutting mode Plasma cutting and flame cutting
Driven system Single-side or double-side Panasonic servo driven system
Cutting speed mm/min 0-6000
Plasma cutting thickness mm Decided by plasma power source
Cutting work table Normal tank-water dust proof work table or breathing dust proof work table
Machine size (length X width X height) 4800X2100X1600 3800X2400X1600 4800 X2400X1600
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