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Milling machine

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Product description

Compared with the traditional edge milling machines.this machine series is dismountable in the tracks.more rational in structure by heat-treatment of the bench.more reliable and stable in milling&turning head's running.The feed and feed-back systems are fully respective independentThe feed-back is quick and is highly effcient.The angle of the milling tool's tray is convenient in adjustment.and the custom-built tool rest can be inter-convertedThey are the updated products of the traditional edge milling machine.


The main parameters

Type XBJ-6 XBJ-9 XBJ-12
The angle of milling 0-45
The ffiickness being pracessed sleel(mm) 6-50
The max depffi of mHling beveldege at one time(mm) 10
The traveling speed of crasswise miIHna(m/min) 0.3/0.5
Back siroke milling(m/min) 5
The rotaUonal speed of milling a nd wiUling spindle(m/min) 125-800
The woddng pressure of hydrau(MPA) ≤3.5
The number of ffie cOinder(piece) 8 11 15
The heighl between the plafform and the group(mm) 900
The power of milling mator(kw) 1.1/0.85
The pu+ierof oilpump motor(kw) 5.5-7.5


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